Sunday, October 28, 2018

Old Door Christmas Tree

I use to be a crafty person, loved to do all the trending crafts, making handmade items with paint, glue guns, fabric, etc. Now I just want to do DIY's with power tools, which I am starting a collection of my own and loving it! Here is def a great DIY with using multiple power tools!

Being honest here, I saw this idea on Instagram, briefly, and I didn't save it or screen shot it, or even remember who's page I saw it on! So if you know, please tell me so I can give them credit for the inspiration! They just had a photo of someone else's trees, and it got my inner creative self just a thinking! This is a super easy DIY if you know how to use those glorious power tools!

So lets get on with it!!

All you need is an old door (or any wood door), some 1x2 or 1x4 for the wood trim, some block molding (or any block of wood), a chair leg thingy (don't know the official name, but look at the pic below), a leg, and a round or square plaque/base. Other than the old door and trim, I got all of the rest at Lowe's Home Improvement.

Other supplies include:

Stain and stain brush
finish nailer and nails
chalk line
Screwdriver/drill and screws
hammer and a nail

Time to get started!

Make sure you lay your door down on a flat surface, find the center at the top and lightly hammer a small nail at the center. Attach the chalk line to the nail and pull it to each of the bottom corners of the door and snap the line. You will see a chalk line triangle! Make sure your skilsaw is at the proper depth of your door, and you have it hanging over the edge(I say this because I had it on an outdoor coffee table that now has a cut going thru one corner;), and cut along lines, you will then have a very large triangle! Be careful if you move it at this stage, because it won't have the sides holding it together. Measure and cut your trim to fit the sides, with a couple of inches hanging off the bottom on each side. Stain these as well as your leg, wood blocks/molding, and plaque/base. Attach the trim with a finish nailer and nails. Find the middle of the door at the bottom and attach your blocks of molding, both on the front and back of the door, also with the finish nailer. You will now have enough thickness at the bottom to screw in the leg holder thingy. After that, find the center of your base and screw in the leg with several screws to make sure it is very secure. You can now screw the leg and base to the bottom of your tree and you are DONE!

See? Super easy DIY using my fave power tools!! Hope you had a great time with this! I hung a wreath on mine, but you could totally deck this out with lights, ornaments, paint stencils, or whatever your heart desires! If you make one of these, please post it on Instagram and tag me @theoldhouseonmain cuz I would love to see it!

Hope you have a great day and see ya next time!

xo Margy


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Old Door Christmas Tree

I use to be a crafty person, loved to do all the trending crafts, making handmade items with paint, glue guns, fabric, etc. Now I just want ...