Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Light or Dark, that is the question?

Hello again! It has been awhile, so sorry, I kinda got caught up in the whole Instagram world! Not gonna lie, it's rather addicting and time consuming! Today I am talking molding and whether to go a light color or going wild with a darker color! I was wondering because I changed up my entryway recently, wanted pure white walls, and couldn't decide on the molding color! I plan on changing the whole house up, eventually, and because its such a small house, I wanted everything cohesive.
I decided to go to the experts, Instagram of course, to find out what a girl should do?

I did a poll in my stories, and asked which one? Which do you think? Light or darker? Well the majority, including the hubby, thought I should go...darker!! I was kinda shocked, actually! It was a fairly close poll, but still, REALLY? Truth be known, they didn't know the whole story. They didn't know that I was going to have a dramatic feature wall in every room, that I wanted the molding to have some contrast, but didn't want it to overpower the room, and it was to be the same throughout the whole house.

In the end, I found a color that was in-between the light and the dark colors. It has just enough contrast, but doesn't overpower the room. I am happy with my decision, I love now how bright and spacious feeling my front entryway feels, and look at that drama on the wall!
The moral of the story is this...
Think about the big picture in your space. Do you want the molding to pop, or what is on the walls to stand out? Do you want it to look traditional, or a little on the edge? All in all, either light or dark would have looked good, but I knew I wanted what was on the walls to be the feature and focal point in each room.
Let me know what you think about my entryway! Love it or hate it? Love for you to comment below! Thanks for stopping by and see you at my next project!
xo, Margy

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